Take Efficiency in the Work Place to a New Level

Power Tables give your exam room a new found convenience for you and your patients. 

Why a Power Exam Table is Perfect for Your Clinic

Power Exam Tables Selection:

High/Low Barrier Free Power Exam Tables:

This section of our power tables includes different variations of power tables that have a universal design, these include;

  • Midmark 222, Midmark 223, UMF 4070, UMF 4040, Brewer Flex, Brewer Access, Midmark 625, Clinton Open Base, and Ritter 244.

For more information or to order from this selection of Power Tables, visit: www.surgo.com/barrier-free-power-tables


Multi-Position Power Tables:

These procedure tables offer the patient a level of comfort that can be more related to a chair rather than exam table, as well these tables provide maximum patient accessibility. Our selection of the Multi-Position Power Tables include:

  • Midmark 630, Midmark 641, Ritter 230, and the UMF 4011.

For more information or to order from this selection of Power Tables, visit: www.surgo.com/multiposition-power-tables


Power Podiatry Chairs:

Our selection of Power Podiatry Chairs have a new ergonomic design that takes your foot and ankle care easier and more efficient for you. The chairs layout allows physicians to perform lengthy examinations and procedures smoothly. We offer the following podiatry chairs:

  • Midmark 646, Midmark 647, UMF 5015, UMF 5016, and Fernanda's Power Podiatry Chair.

For more information or to order from this selection of Power Tables, visit: www.surgo.com/power-podiatry-chairs


Mesa Treatment Table:

These treatment tables are a durable, functional, basic table that will maneuver for hi/low treatments at a high quality level. 

  • 8 standard colour options available.

 For more information or to order one of these power tables, visit: www.surgo.com/mesa-treatment-tables


Clinton Power Table:

We have one table in this section. The Clinton Power Echo Table - Model #85200GM. This table has a pneumatic backrest, is adjustable from either side and raises 80 degrees from flat,  self-lubricating pivot points and a hands-free low voltage foot control.

For more information on this table or to order, visit: www.surgo.com/clinton-power-table

power t.jpg
Above: Ritter 230 Procedure Table - Navy
power table.jpg
Power Exam Tables At Surgo Fit All of Your Needs.

One of the single most import considerations for your examination rooms is Accessibility. With changing regulations, it becomes very important to ensure that at least one exam room in your clinic is accessible. This means that it will need to be a power high/low exam table that will allow easy transfer from wheelchairs or similar devices. Midmark has an excellent reputation in barrier free exam tables and is well worth looking at. Accessibility is also critical for your staff safety. We recommend consulting with your Safety Rep or Safety Committee when making your decision about power exam tables. When the rest of your clinic, from parking lot, to doorways and bathrooms are Accessible it is critical to have at least one exam room in your clinic Accessible to all patients.

At Surgo, we carry all the major brands of power exam tables and have an intrinsic understanding of each style, model and benefit available. If you are looking for a specific table model (E.G. Ritter 222) or a specific type of table based on procedure we can help.


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