Needles and Syringes are an essential part of keeping your clinic running smoothly, make sure you have the right supplies for your every need, starting with the basics.

Surgo carries a large variety of needles and syringes for you to choose from including the following:

Sol-Care Safety Needles & Syringes:

  • Safety syringe with fixed needle is a manually retractable syringe designed to aid in the prevention of needle-stick injuries
  • Bold, easy to read gradations enhances accurate dose preparation and verification
  • Sol-Care safety needle only/needle and syringe combo has single-handed activation, audible "click" of safety activation, and can be used with standard luer lock or slip tip syringes


BD Needles and Syringes:

  • Types of BD Safety Needles and Syringes include the BD SafetyGlide, BD Safety-Lok, BD Eclipse, and BD Integra
  • Each BD needle and syringe is made to specifically suit your clinics needs, visit our website or call us to get the information you need to order the right needle and syringe for you.



Blunt Fill Needles: FILTER NEEDLE

  • These needles have a 45° bevel and is compatible with standard luer lock syringes
  • Blunt fill needles can be used to draw-up medication, reconstitute medication and accessing IV bags.


Terumo Needles and Syringes:

  • Has a unique locking mechanism to help reduce the risk of needle-stick injury
  • Especially useful for low-angle injections
  • Ratchet mechanism, allows for precise positioning of sheath so as no to obscure injection site


Magellan Safety Needles:

  • Features a robust shield that encases the entire cannula after activation, which protects downstream workers
  • Its locking system prevents deactivation of the device once the safety shield has been locked into place


Nipro Needles and Syringes:

  • Standard Nipro needles and syringes available separately or combined
  • Standard butterfly infusion sets
    • Thin needle wall is virtually painless, with flexible tubing and colour-coded nonslip grip wings


Catheter Needles:

  • Surgo offers many variations of safety catheters to best suit the needs of your medical clinic
  • Angiocath IV catheter needles contain the FEP polymer catheter material which features a thin wall design and a tapered tip that results in a smooth insertion and optimal flow rates 
  • To differentiate which catheter needle and syringes fit your requirements, call us for more information


Acupuncture Needles:

  • Vigor acupuncture needles come sterile and are disposable


The Invisible Needle TSK

TSK Cosmetic Surgery Products:

  • Our TSK Cosmetic Surgery needle category is expensive and provides you with the best choice for you and your patients needs
  • Including; TSK SteriGlide Cannula, TSK Soft-Ject Luer Syringe, TSK INViSIBLE, TSK Low Dead Space, TSK PRE Regular Hub, TSK Closed Single Hole Cannula


Sharps Containers:

  • Surgo carries every shape and size of Sharps Container for your needs
  • We understand that Sharps collection is an important part of your clinic running smoothly and that is why we have adopted a Sharps Collection Service. 
  • Ecoship is an easy, cost effective, safe and eco-friendly disposal system that is perfect for you. Ecoship ensures all regulations and guidelines are followed making your experience with Sharps Collection hassle-free. The price of an Ecoship Collection includes; Pickup, Delivery and Disposal.

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Clickfine Insulin Pen Needles: Pen Needle

  • 6-bevel needle tip for a smooth injection, thin wall technology for a faster flux of medication and special 
  • silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort


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