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If you find this service helpful, let us provide all your MSDS controlled products.  We can create an easy online ordering form for you, we have a lowest price guarantee, and provide AIR MILES on all your purchases.

Keeping MSDS (Material Safety data Sheets) current and updated for Health Care Facilities can be a real chore.   Surgo has just made this process easy for all our customers.


We have a complete searchable database of all  MSDS controlled products in North America attached to our website.  Included in this database are all the products you purchase from Surgo.  You can simply search with our product number to get the MSDS sheets that you need.


If you don't know the Surgo part number you can search for any product by name, manufacture part number, upc code and more.  

Because this portal is tied to a live database of MSDS sheets it is always current.  The most recent manufactures MSDS sheets are now seconds away and at your fingertips.


Best of all this service is free to our customers. 


See below for tips on how to easily use your MSDS sheet portal. 


1. Follow the link above to a page that looks like this.




2. In the search engine bar that says "Search by Product Name, ..." Type in the name or Surgo product number of the product you wish to receive MSDS sheets for. After clicking on the search icon, your MSDS sheet link will appear below.   This takes you do a PDF document that you can easily download and print.




3. If you need an MSDS sheet for a product not carried by Surgo search the full database by going to the link indicated below by the blue arrow.



4. This brings you to a search field that allows you to search all MSDS sheets.  You won't need this feature often but when you do it will be a significant time saver for your staff.   just typ what you are looking for in the field highlighted below - you won't be disappointed.






5. If you would like us to search, print and ship the MSDS sheets to you this service is available for a modest fee.


Remember - we thrive on customer satisfaction.  Tell us how we can help!


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