Quick, Easy and Problem Free. Keep Clean in an Efficient Way.

With everything else important in your exam clinic being sterile, why not have an easy way for individuals in your practices building to keep clean as well. Make sure your equip your clinic with the best washing stations.

Why a Hands Free Washing Station is the Right Purchase.

Being touchless is a critical part of infection control within your clinic.  The good news is that, with planning, it is very low cost to turn your medical offices into a touch free hand washing environment.

The products in this category are simple but represent much research on hand hygene in the Physician's Office by Surgo. These products are high qualty and deliver tremendous yeild providing great value to our customers.

Remember to insist your contractor install Hands free Faucets!

HandsFresh Touchless Foam Soap or Sanitizer Dispenser

The HandsFresh Touchless washing station is a contemporary styled hands free dispenser that will look great in any setting. This washing station runs on 4 C cell batteries proving to be easily maintained. The Touchless Foam Soap Dispenser helps to eliminate cross-contamination by delivering soap to your hand when you simply place your hand beneath the unit. Surgo also carries a HandsFresh refill:

  • HandsFresh Luxury Foam Soap 1000ml Refil

For more information or to order this product today, visit: www.surgo.com/handsfresh-dispenser


GOJO LTX-12 Touch Free Dispenser - White

When ordering our GOJO LTX-12 Touch Free Dispenser you are receiving a reliable, smart, and trouble-free electronic hands washing station. This GOJO Dispenser is the missing piece to making your clinic clean and efficient. Surgo also carries a few refills to fit your soap/sanitizing needs:

  • GOJO Foam Soap 120ml Fits LTX Dispenser 2/case
  • GOJO Luxury Foam Handwash Refill 1250ml for FMX Dispenser
  • Provon Medicated Lotion Hand Soap Refill 1L

For more information or to order this product today, visit: www.surgo.com/gojo-touch-free-dispenser


Tork Elevation Xpress H2 Hand Towel Interfold - White or Black Options

Tork Elevation Hand Towel Dispensers provide a clean and hygienic appearance while offering a clean and hygienic service. This dispenser has easy and intuitive maintenance, refill and use. This Tork Dispenser is available in either White or Black. We also offer a couple Hand Towel options:

  • Tork Premium Extra Soft Hand Towel White 2 Ply 2100
  • Tork Universal Hand Towel Multifold-Natural

For more information or to order this product today, visit: www.surgo.com/tork-elevation-xpress


Tork Dispenser for Rolled Hand Towels - Advanced H1 White

This Tork Dispenser is made for rolled hand towels which are accessible with a push button beneath the product. The appropriate rolled hand towel refill is: 

  • Tork Rolled Hand Tower - White 700"/Roll, 6 Rolls/Case

For more information or to order this product today, visit: www.surgo.com/tork-dispenser


Tork Elevation Matic Hand Towel Roll Dispenser - Black

The Tork Elevation Maric dispenser is perfect for high capacity washrooms. It's hands free dispensing provides a hygienic, no waste solution. User touches only the towel needed - reducing risk of cross-contamination. The dispenser uses towel roll refills:

  • Tork Universal Hand Towel Roll - Natural 600"/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case

For more information or to order this product today, visit: www.surgo.com/tork-elevation-matric

Above: Gojo LTX-12 Touch Free Dispenser - White



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